Produce of Windshield Wiper Liquid

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Produce of Windshield Wiper Liquid

Produce of Windshield Wiper Liquid

For cleaning rear and windshield window for all kind of vehicle, Produce of Windshield Wiper Liquid is a necessity. Windshield Wiper Liquids;

  • Windshields wiper liquids for summer seasons,
  • Windshields wiper liquids for winter seasons. There are two different kind of material for uses.

In all different seasons in a year, cars get dirty because of external effects. When driving, it is the most dangerous part of car to be get dirty is windshields. For safe driving, the windshields must be clear. In this area, the visual field is limited when there are dirt residues such as dust, insect filth, fly residue. Limiting the visual field is among the causes of accidents. Features of windshield wiper liquid is produced not to leave any dust on window. In summer season, the items has a feature that give a smoothness cleaning chance. Thanks to features, there must not leave any layer of dust. When driving, the speed of car should be under 70 km/h to cleaning the windshields with water.

Under normal weather conditions, windshields are cleaned at least three times in a day. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good view of the road. Snow and rain in winter prevents a clear view. Because of that Produce of Windshield Wiper Liquid is produced in order to clear windshields to have a clear view. As it is known in the winter months, the stationary waters freeze. The wiper system is also outside of the car. If the water of the car is normal one, ıt will freeze immediately. Frozen water cause to explode water tank. The ones who produce of windshield wiper liquid adds antifreeze to prevent freezing. Antifreeze prevents from freezing until -45 degrees. Components of windshield wiper liquid are pure water and antifreeze.

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